Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

Whatever the debacle, you always land on your feet.

Still. It would be nice to sprain fewer ankles along the way.

Stay on your toes with Sole Training, the new group workout class with barefoot contessa Stacey Lei Krauss.

The Nike Elite Instructor guides you through tootsie rolls, arch stretches, and flexes to strengthen the 58 muscles in your feet and the connected fibers in your ankles, legs, and hips.

First you prep your digits with toe gymnastics (pull your piggies into splits), then you spring up and down stairs in socks to acclimate feet and ankles to softer landings.

Over time, the low-impact, no-sweat exercises (go in your work clothes) increase mobility, flexibility, and stability — essential for traversing cobblestones in stilettos safely. Plus, you’ll improve balance, prevent lower back and hip pain, and open chest and nasal passages through reflexology and acupressure.

And, of course, feel great from head to toe, toe, toe, toe, toe.

Tuesday nights at Equinox, 301 Pine Street, at Sansome Street (415-593-4001 or equinoxfitness.com). For private training sessions, call 917-763-4499 or e-mail stacey@staceylei.com.

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301 Pine St
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