Party On

Poor Santa. Five months to go, and he’s already stressing out about what to get you.

Kirribilla, however, knows exactly what the girl who’s naughty and nice wants.

The San Francisco-based design trio specializes in party dresses with flirty details (brightly hued buttons, well-placed ruffles) to bring out your sugar and curve-hugging cuts that play up your spice.

The line is still young, but there are two standouts in the fall collection that remind us of 1950s Italy. The chocolate Nocciola, with its hint of stretch, could inspire catcalls from passing strangers on Vespas. The Elisabetta, a waist-cinching little black dress, has va-va-voomissima Sophia Loren appeal.

Wear them to weddings, derbies, and regattas. The only accessory you’ll need is a glass (or six) of champagne.

Just remember: He’s still making that list.

Available at Abigail Morgan, 1640 Union Street, between Franklin and Gough Streets (415-567-1779 or abigailmorgan.com). To see styles, go to kirribilla.com.