Unless you’re Liesl von Trapp, brown paper packages tied up with strings don’t usually rank as your favorite things. (Ditto schnitzel with noodles.)

That’s about to change when art quarterly The Thing debuts this month.

The art subscription project delivers a publication in the form of an object (ya, ya, in plain brown wrapping) curated by editors Will Rogan and Jonn Herschend. It’s part of Southern Exposure’s Free Enterprise residency program, which gives artists an opportunity to create viable businesses.

Each “issue” contains a household object created by an artist, who is given just one challenge: to use text in their creations. (It is, after all, a publication.) The first features work from Miranda July; Anne Walsh, Kota Ezawa, and Trisha Donnelly have been tapped to create the next three.

Subscriptions are $120, but that’s a major bargain considering the artists involved.

And it definitely tops raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Subscribe online at thethingquarterly.com.