Once Upon a Mattress

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a really crappy mattress. Tired of waking up black and blue, she dumped the creaky old thing. When the prince-next-door saw the spunky BedBusters truck haul away her box spring, he recognized her for the true princess she was.

Okay, so that’s not how the fairy tale goes. But Alter Nathan knows a) what a royal pain it is to get rid of large pieces of junk and b) how bad they are for the environment when you dump them.

His mattress removal company is doing its bit to keep beds out of landfills, working exclusively with a dismantling facility. Beyond respecting Mother Earth, he offers up-front estimates and same-day service. Perhaps best of all, he’ll give you an exact time when he’ll be there — no twiddling your thumbs between noon and tomorrow.

Plus everything can be done online without picking up the phone.

Making it a happily ever after for everyone.

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