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Cook the Part

Recipe for failure: vows like go on diet and meet man of dreams, which lead to a torrential relationship with john sparked by a cabbage cleanse.

Recipe for success: Cook!, a new meal service that delivers prechopped, premeasured ingredients for a quick, healthy dinner for two.

Choose weekly entrees like grilled pork chops with roasted garlic sauce or vegetarian mushroom ragu and polenta online. Add in apps (fresh roasted tomato soup) or desserts (chocolate lavender cake) for a tab that puts takeout to shame.

As if that wasn’t virtuous enough, the SF-based company uses recyclable packaging and organic ingredients from local suppliers (Fulton Valley Farms, Golden Gate Meat Company) — and gives nutritional information for every dish.

Did we mention the home-cooked-dinner-for-two thing might actually help meet man of dreams?

To sign up, go to cooksf.com. Service begins on January 9.