Food & Drink

Get a Loaf of This

You work hard to bring home the bacon. And the eggs and Acme bread to serve with it.

Save your dough — literally — by investing in a bag especially for bread.

Berkeley-based Bamboo-Bag makes sacks from bamboo, a fabric that naturally repels bacteria, doesn’t harbor fungus, and keeps multigrains fresh longer than the fridge or breadbox. And, of course, it’s a sustainable alternative to paper and plastic.

Choose from two designs, a baguette quiver (holds up to three loaves) or the loaf pouch (fits two one-pounders or a single honkin’ challah). Both bags cinch with a drawstring that keeps food safe and fold into neat little packets that you can tote in your purse.

You might say they’re the greatest thing since sliced you-know-what.

Available at The Cheeseboard Collective, 1504 Shattuck Avenue, at Vine Street (510-549-3055 or cheeseboardcollective.coop); online at bamboo-bag.com. Available by phone order at 510-926-7726.