Revival of the Fittest

Drooping daffodils. Neglected narcissus. Burned-out bulbs.

Time to call for emergency green relief from garden guru Roddy McGoey.

A New Orleans native, McGoey restored gardens, lawns, and trees for the victims of Hurricane Katrina and returned recently to the Bay Area to share her gardening genius.

From conception to application, she works with you organically (pun intended) to assess, design, and recover your landscape. Preferring local nurseries to the warehouse giants, this garden mentor overhauls yards, perfects pruning, and boosts soil using only natural materials and pet-friendly pest repellents.

She also runs a plant hospital where she cares for vegetation in need of resuscitation. Orchid future looking ominous? Check them in. Or take over your ghastly gardenias and she’ll give them the nutrients and attention they need for new life.

And put the bloom back on the rose.

Roddy McGoey Garden Care (415-351-8174 or roddymcgoey@comcast.net).