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Prep School

Your mini Keller is ready for more than Jell-o.

Too bad you’re not ready for the chaos.

Stir up some kitchen confidence with Playful Chef’s kits for pre- and grade-schoolers. Budding young cooks will salivate over their very own aprons and tools (color-coded measuring cups, safety scissors); you’ll love tip sheets that integrate kitchen safety and science.

Make delicate delectables like pita pizza, yogurt parfait, and chocolate lava cake, and relive your Easy-Bake Oven days.

Toque that.

Available at Jean et Marie, 1775 Union Street, between Octavia and Gough Streets (415-379-1111). To see styles, go to playfulinc.com.

This Week in San Francisco

See a Child, Save a Child
Ingenious reflectors stick on clothes and bags to ensure that motorists see little hikers and cyclists.
Why: They’re a real lifesaver.
Sooner rather than later.
Where: Online at seeachildsaveachild.com.

42nd International Children’s Games

What: More than 1,000 athletes compete in a teen version of the Olympics.
Why: Smells like team spirit.
When: Thurs.-July 14; see website for events.
Where: Venues around the city; spectator passes online at sficg2008.com.

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats
What: Photographer Peter Menzel shares images of family kitchens from around the world, with accompanying recipes.
Why: He’s the flavor of the month.
When: Now.
Where: Online at amazon.com.

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