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Green Day

Breaking news: Guerrilla farmers strike in front of restos. Investigators are on the case. But it appears Julia Wiley has masterminded a scheme of sorts.

Every other Thursday, Wiley drives from Mariquita Farm in Watsonville to San Francisco, parking her truck outside various SF restaurants and delivering preordered veggie boxes to eager patrons. Though the contents vary with each delivery, they contain only the freshest organic delicacies picked that morning.

The farm is known for harvesting specialty produce, so you can expect your $25 mystery box to be brimming with unique edibles ranging from nettles, shelling beans, and carrots to kale, Padrón peppers, and erbette chard.

Orders must be placed online beforehand, and it’s cash only at the time of pickup.

That’s a deal so good it’s borderline criminal.

Available online at mariquita.com.