Gypsy Kings

According to the omniscient Zelda Finklestein, your future should be laden with great wealth, a bevy of suitors, and … a $100 fee to continue? (Wah, wah.)

Those eccentric bohos always cut it short, leaving you unsatisfied.

Not the case with Alex & Lee accessories.

Inspired by fantasy and surrealism, local designers Lee Brooks and Greg Franke combine unique textures and exotic minerals to create one-of-a-kind, outrageous masterpieces. Eclectic materials range from cave crystal to vintage military cords and bits of antique Japanese pottery.

The current collection consists of a bracelet of abalone shell and peridot set in vermeil; belts made with bronze pressings and sliced agate; and killer necklaces like the black and silver number of vintage cut steel, onyx, and chain crystal.

No shortage of riches here.

Available at Circle & Square, 344 Presidio Avenue, between Sacramento and Clay Streets (415-409-3440 or circleandsquaresf.com). To see styles, go to alexandlee.com.

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344 Presidio Ave
@ Sacramento St
San Francisco, CA 94115