The Firm

Your motto: The rougher the better. You’re not afraid to admit you totally get off on hard core.

So get in bed with Pamela Burdak of Symmetry Fitness.

Taking no prisoners, Burdak’s equipped with all the tools to get your lactic acid flowing. Working out of a private Marina facility, her methodology is simple: Develop your core to achieve an optimal level of balance and maximize genetic capacity.

Translation? She’ll work your ass off (literally). With her proprietary HardCore Method, you’ll begin with a complimentary consultation during which she’ll pinpoint objectives and formulate the ideal hour using cardio machines, weights, Bosu balls, and plank poses.

After the workout, you’ll spend ten minutes doing assisted stretches so your muscles are loose and you feel tight in all the right places.

Making the whole experience more enjoyable.

Symmetry Fitness (415-606-8212 or sfsymmetry.com). For more information on the HardCore Method, go to hardcoresf.com.

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San Francisco, CA