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Pop It Like It’s Hot

Aside from 72 (your ideal outdoor strolling temperature) and 105 (the torture chamber otherwise known as a Bikram yoga studio), you don’t pay much attention to degrees.

But you’ll want to know about 479º — the optimal temperature for popping corn — and the name of a new line of artisanal popcorn.

Barely a few weeks old, the organic collection is made locally by hand using copper kettles; the gourmet puffs are shipped fresh the day they’re popped.

Sourcing ingredients from fair trade farmers who harvest sustainable produce, 479º offers eight magnificent flavors in unusual savory and sweet combos: black truffle and white cheddar, Madras curry coconut and cashew, fleur de sel caramel, Vietnamese cinnamon sugar, Alderwood-smoked sea salt, ginger sesame caramel, chipotle caramel with almonds, and Pimentòn de La Vera (smoked paprika).

Each one is a magical explosion in your mouth.

Giving whole new meaning to the phrase number crunching.

Available online at 479popcorn.com.