Pish Posh

You attempted a British accent, only to be confused for an Irish pirate. And adding tea and crumpets to your daily bread turned you more Bridget than Twiggy.

Come in the side door with London L. Surf, a brand new line of surfboards. Based out of Costa Mesa, California (go figure), the boutique brand customizes its sleek wave riders with monograms.

Start by choosing one of more than 30 designs (our faves are the zebra and chandelier prints) and type of board (shortboard, retro egg, retro swallow, mini log, longboard). Then pick a monogram (traditional, single letter, full first or last name), and leave the magic to the experts.

In about four weeks’ time, you’ll be hanging ten and looking super radical doing it.

We mean rather snazzy. Beg your pardon.

Available online at londonlsurf.com.