Morning After Thrill

The French get a “hair ache.” The Danes have “carpenters in the forehead.” We call it hell. As you head off into your Happy New Year, you might want to prepare your hangover cure.

Bartender, Make It a Double
Our favorite hair-of-the-dog remedy is a variation on the bloody Mary: Swap vodka for a light beer (we prefer Corona) and you have a bloody beer. Keep the vodka and add an egg, it’s a red eye. (Visine optional.)

On the Rocks
You prefer your poison over ice, but when you wake up feeling like a ship that hit an iceberg, take a cold plunge. Whether it’s in Lake Tahoe or on Ocean Beach, the shock to your system will refresh your senses. Down a gallon of water infused with Emergen-C and you’ll be riding the waves in no time.

Pizza and Mexican with a side of fries? Yum. But what you should be blending in your tummy is a banana shake. A potassium-rich smoothie will hydrate your body and coat your stomach faster than you can reach for the Pepto. Plus, the magnesium alleviates that throbbing headache.

Shaken, Not Stirred
After a nap, head to the gym or, if you’re feeling ballsy, a Bikram yoga class. Sweating out the booze and stimulating your circulation is a surefire detox. You may spend the 90-minute class plotting our death, but we promise you’ll thank us afterward.


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