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Match Point

You wouldn’t have set your brother up with your boss if you’d known she was a 42-year-old virgin.

Leave the matchmaking to the Cheese Cupid, a beverage and cheese pairing connoisseur (with quite the sultry voice) who makes taste buds fly every time. Based in Wisconsin, she knows cheeses and believes there are multiple good matches for all types.

Just take opinionated Scotch, for example. He could pair with Gouda, double-team with Gruyere, or make it a threesome with cheddar. Or our bold pal merlot — he could swill with Asiago, paint the town red with Havarti, or get swiggy with Romano.

Even old, stinky varieties are not destined to be alone: Just request the Cheese Cupid’s services.

And let her curd it through the grapevine.

Available online at cheesecupid.com.