Unemployment lines. Home foreclosures. Valentine’s Day (speaking of depressing).

Time to lighten up.

Illuminate the darkness with Mike Donnelly’s Dogfork Lamp Arts.

After a decade doing lamp repair, lighting restoration, and fabrication in his garage, Donnelly opened a showroom near the Design Center. And he can electrify just about anything.

Got junk? Socket to him for instant lighting couture. He’s turned salvaged sewer pipelines and hay wheels into chandeliers, created a floor lamp from a bird perch, and completed a table lamp from propellers. Our favorite shining example of his brilliance is nest chandeliers with ostrich egg lights.

Top off your dandy new creation with a lid from sister company Lamp Shades San Francisco.

There’s the bright side.

Dogfork Lamp Arts and Lamp Shades San Francisco, 199 Potrero Avenue, at 15th Street (415-431-6727 or dogfork.com).