High Anxiety

You didn’t need a flock of New York birds to remind you why you hate flying.

But it sure inspired us to find a cure: Dr. Olga Stevko.

The certified Cow Hollow hypnotherapist can relieve clients of just about anything, from public speaking anxiety to food allergies. And she claims a 98 percent success rate.

It may sound like voodoo, but if you could overcome bad habits like smoking, slim down, reduce acne, or eliminate that food craving in less than two hours, you’d be a happy believer. And, really, what do you have to lose — other than things you don’t want?

Just relax, close your eyes, and let her alter your subconscious.

And return your seat back to its upright position.

Dr. Olga Stevko, 2266 Union Street, at Steiner Street (415-710-8485 or drolga.com).