Food and Whine

Yes, you’re a delicate blossom. (No, no, it’s charming.)

But you don’t want your pesky cashew allergy rearing its ugly head at a street cart in Chiang Mai while you’re screaming at the vendor, Không quá óc chó!

(Although that would help your walnut allergy in Vietnam.)

So in our never-ending quest to give you no reason to stay home, we present SelectWisely’s food allergy translation cards. They ain’t the sexiest souvenirs you’ll pack, but neither are earplugs, and these are more useful.

For a few bucks, you can order an infinite variety of warning cards for food allergies (from alcohol to yogurt) translated into two dozen languages (from Polish to mainland Chinese). There are also picture-only and multilanguage options, as well as medical condition cards for penicillin allergy and lactose intolerance.

Because you, the runs, and a hole in the ground is a surefire way to ruin a vacay.

Available online at selectwisely.com.