Special Delivery

Michael Phelps isn’t the only one with a pipe dream.

If only his emissions smelled like French fries. Like those of Blue Sky Clean Air Shipping.

The Richmond-based outfit is the only shipping and delivery company in the Bay Area that uses 100 percent biodiesel (you know, recycled vegetable oil) to ferry your packages — whether you’re sending your sofa to an upholsterer or boxes of goodie bags for a company retreat.

They service the local and greater Bay Area from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa and even Sacramento with a fleet of flatbeds, box trucks, and small pickups. Pricing is based on the item being shipped, weight, distance, and time.

Embracing a cradle-to-cradle philosophy, Blue Sky is partnered with iReuse Hauling, the sustainable Sausalito company that (unlike competitors that haul unwanted junk to dumps) redistributes your discards to new homes.

Now this one’s a winner.

Blue Sky Clean Air Shipping (415-485-6767 or blueskyshipping.com).