Clothing Definitely Not Optional

Coffee, croissants, the fact that your alarm allows only three snoozes: You’ve got enough reasons to get up in the morning.

But to get dressed? That’s a whole other issue (just ask your jammies).

Your motivation: Rebecca Minkoff Apparel, a new collabo between the bag magnate and Confederacy co-owner/stylist Ilaria Urbinati.

Conceived for living the high life but easy enough for every day, the tightly edited debut collection covers the essentials for spring. Among them you’ll spy Revolver, a double-breasted shirt, which is especially darling tucked into a pair of high- (but not too high) waisted Jude shorts; Tuesday, a white leather detailed trench; and Nico, a stunning short-sleeve dress with a deep V back.

The best part? The collection launches online today.

Now’s the time to get up and go.

Available online at rebeccaminkoff.com or by special order from Confederacy (323-913-3040).