Yes We Scan

Shiny. Happy. People.

We know a picture’s worth a thousand words, but we’ll start with those and leave the rest up to you when you see the results of ScanCafe.

Based in Burlingame, the new photo site dedicated to scanning photo prints, slides, and negatives by hand and turning them into digital files is a dream come true if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

Have stacks of old glossies collecting dust? Send ’em in a box and in about four weeks, you’ll have an online gallery where you can pick the ones you want (you’ll be charged only for keepers), which you’ll then receive on DVD.

ScanCafe also immortalizes memories on photo gifts: Brace face tote bags, anyone? Dearly departed pet coasters? And can even make scratched, torn, or damaged prints look brand new.

Just say the word.

Available online at scancafe.com.

Photo credit: LTC Kane