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Dough Boy

Flour plus water equals what?

a) A gooey paste.
b) Back fat.
c) A new Italian wine bar. (Yawn.)

Wait! We promise Flour + Water — the Mission’s latest enoteca — will make you swoon.

The cozy eatery has a secret ingredient up its oven mit: head chef Tom McNaughton (Quince, Gary Danko), who recently worked at a pasta lab in Bologna. Decor highlights include the walnut communal table and an oddity-filled curio cabinet, but the focus is the food.

Sip boutique Italian whites and reds with pastas made fresh daily (think hand-stamped squid ink corzetti and roasted artichoke-stuffed triangoli) and traditional Neapolitan pizzas (potato with egg and house pancetta, yum).

Rhubarb and pistachio tarts come with custom Humphry Slocombe ice cream blends.

They’re sum kind of wonderful.

Flour + Water, 2401 Harrison Street, at 20th Street (415-826-7000 or flourandwater.com).

Photo credit: Christopher Prentiss Michael of Fotografica

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2401 Harrison St
bt 20th & 21st Sts
San Francisco, CA 94110