Now We Ain’t Sayin’ She a Gold Digger

One could argue that the only good things to come out of Alaska are content for Saturday Night Live and gold.

We’re not gonna touch specifics on the first, but we’ve got our hands all over the second, thanks to Blair Brown’s Sagacious spring jewelry collection.

Based part-time in Russian Hill, Brown hails from a four-generation Alaskan family of gold nugget jewelry designers and continues the family tradition with her bespoke chain necklaces.

She scours flea markets and vintage boutiques for old baubles, then deconstructs them to create stunning one-of-a-kind single and layered pieces. Some short, some long, many showcase family heirlooms like her grannie’s lion knocker medallion (our fave).

Got the goods but not the talent? Send her your stuff and she’ll rework it into new dazzlers.

Translation: She puts lipstick on a pig.

Available online at sagaciousny.com.