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Beautifull Girls

Used to be that a happy meal consisted of a cheeseburger and toy in a cartoon-covered box. (Ahhh, the days before Nutrition Facts.)

Now it’s eating in, taking out, and loading up on fresh, almost entirely organic snacks and meals at Beautifull, opening today in Laurel Village.

Formerly known as The Real Good Project, the brick-and-mortar flagship stocks a bounty of prepackaged and custom-made lunch and dinner options. The sleek interior’s refrigerated section offers breakfast parfaits, whole wheat mac ’n’ cheese (microwave is nearby), salads, soups, Fizzy Lizzy sodas, and more.

At the counter, order sammies (turkey meatball with provolone), curry bowls, or the build-a-Beautifull — for which you pair desired sides (ratatouille) with entrees (braised pork shoulder). All arrive in the blink of an eye.

Giving new meaning to in ’n’ out.

Beautifull, 3401 California Street, at Laurel Street (415-728-9080 or beautifull.com).

Photo credit: Good Eye Photography