Shooter Girl

When someone instructs you to take a shot, it usually involves too much tequila and a walk of shame.

Shoot to thrill instead, with lens master Nicole Hill Gerulat.

The local photog teaches you to kick camera ass (digital or film) with private one-on-one and group classes. Although she’s been at it for years, Gerulat recently began a one-day crash course and four-week seminar at Ferney Art Studio in the Mission.

From posing to lighting to composition, you’ll learn to manipulate your subject for optimal results. Use a compact mirror to bounce light into dark areas, adjust your collarbone to lose ten pounds, and create steam to enhance mood with a microwaved, water-soaked tampon (no joke).

She’s launching online Photoshop and Illustrator classes come July.

Consider it your saving face.

Nicole Hill Gerulat (805-680-9498 or nicolephoto.com). For information about classes, go to nicoleclasses.blogspot.com.