Holland Back Girl

You thank the Dutch for their agricultural contributions (tulips, of course). But splitting the bill doesn’t equally lift your spirits (Berkeley women’s studies degree, be damned).

Resolve any ambiguity with the Netherlands’s lovely bikes at My Dutch Bike, opening Sunday in SOMA.

The shop (owned by a Dutch husband and his American wife) imports three eight-gear models directly from Amsterdam’s WorkCycles, where the classic form-meets-function bikes are handmade to perfection.

There’s the basic two-wheeler (Granny) available in four sizes; the Cargo, which comes short or long with a bin that carries up to 200 pounds (or three kids) and has seat belts; and the FR8, a one-size-fits-all heavy-duty number.

Add a canopy, handlebar bin, and attachable seat to trick ’em out.

And put a new spin on the term Dutch treat.

My Dutch Bike, 575 Market Street, between 1st and 2nd Streets (415-420-9649 or mydutchbike.com).