Girls in the Hood

She changes from sweetly sunny to lost-in-a-fog to ice queen in the span of an afternoon. And if you’re not careful, she might burn you when you least expect it.

Ah, summer in San Francisco.

Brave meteorological mood swings in a hoodie vest by Ali Golden, who makes the reversible layering pieces in wools and lightweight wovens. Take cover from the elements under the slouchy, oversize hood. On nonrainy days, fold the high-drama headgear down into a shoulder-skimming collar that drapes over the back. Reverse to the opposite side for a new hue and a lightning-fast outfit revamp.

As for fabric colors and prints, Golden requires only that you select a combo you love.

To do otherwise would border on insanity.

Available at Shotwell, 320 Grant Avenue, between Bush and Sutter Streets (415-399-9898). For custom orders, e-mail

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320 Grant Ave
bt Bush & Sutter Sts
San Francisco, CA 94108