Food & Drink

Easy Bake

Attention, students. Your Mi2Sweets private, in-home dessert class/party is now in session. Please open your syllabus to the first page.

Class Objectives
To learn everything about making decadent desserts, from baking the perfect cake to making an airy meringue. You may host up to eight fellow students in the privacy of your own home.

No previous baking experience necessary.

Instructor’s Bio
Dessert aficionado Mimi Young is an accomplished pastry chef who cut her sweet tooth at the likes of Grand Cafe and Scala’s Bistro — and a serious passion for home-style desserts. She works with you to customize each and every class to your preferences.

Tools and Equipment
Supplied by Mimi.

Every student will get copies of the recipes from class.

Final Exam
Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Class dismissed.

Mi2Sweets (415-441-6047 or