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Stark Craving Mad

crave health!

Your relationship to hydrogenated oils is kind of Brokeback. (You wish you knew how to quit ’em.)

But holistic nutritionist Catherine Ziegler of Crave Health can corral your bad habits.

Instead of cookie-cutter approaches to a healthy lifestyle, Ziegler’s treatment plans range from comprehensive wellness programs for those in tortured food affairs to one-shot services for the less committal.

In her health food store tours, Ziegler separates the winners (colorful fruits and veggies, great grains like quinoa) from the losers (hidden sugars, misleading labels). She can spot the “devil in your drawers” with home pantry raids and demonstrates how to cook healthy dishes with ingredients like coconut oil and agave nectar.

And your stable of potato chips?

They can ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.

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