Living the Dream

birch hayes valley flower shop!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Torryne, who dreamed of opening a shop with flowers so lush that people would come from far and wide.

That dream came true with Birch, her first floral design shop in Presidio Heights.

But then she realized that she wanted more: a second Birch where she could still offer beautiful buds — and curate a selection of mostly European and Japanese design, fashion, and music magazines.

She called upon Mike Baushke of Apparatus Architecture to design a signature black-on-black space on Hayes Street. Like magic, he created a dramatic backdrop for her blooms and a sleek, exhibit-like wall showcasing hard-to-find titles like Britain’s new Love, Purple from France, and Another Man.

Torryne and her staff spun records, created hand-tied bouquets and custom arrangements, and delighted customers with a curated selection of gifts.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Birch Hayes Valley, 564 Hayes Street, at Laguna Street (415-626-6860 or birchsf.com).

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564 Hayes St
@ Laguna St
San Francisco, CA 94102