Too Cool for School

academy of wayward girls!

To: Student Body of Stuffy Prep School
From: Headmistress Bumrod

This is to inform you that SPS takes academia very seriously. Excess creativity will not be tolerated. Those who exemplify imaginative thinking will be asked to leave.

Let your former classmate Justine Crawford be an example. Her interests in photography, fashion, and film, compiled with her family’s connections in said circles, were grounds for expulsion.

Should you choose to go down a similar path as Crawford, you can expect to find yourself doing such outlandish, socially unacceptable activities, such as creating your own line of clothing and accessories, aptly named Academy for Wayward Girls.

It is comprised of clever pieces like canvas tennies hand-painted to look like oxfords, a cheeky shirtdress, and silk-screened pocket squares and tights.

Should you feel you are not capable of being a conformist, by all means, make this your new uniform.

Available online at academyforwaywardgirls.com.