Space Oddity

micaela greg leggings!

You’ve gotta hand it to Ziggy Stardust: That androgynous badass knew how to make a statement.

Sequins and jumpsuits may not be your thing, but you can explore your own brand of galactic glam with Micaela Greg’s luxurious, extra-fine Italian merino wool leggings.

SF-based sisters and design duo Marie and Karen Potesta were inspired by the sci-fi space-samurai costumes that Bowie rocked back in the day (if you couldn’t guess).

Architectural ankle boots and an oversize top are one way to complete the outfit; or try head-to-toe sweater dressing with the rest of their cozy fall collection, which premiered at New York Fashion Week.

Maybe real men do wear tights.

Imanly men, anyway.

Available at Curator, 1767 Church Street, at Day Street (415-970-9828 or she-bible.com); online at micaelagreg.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Micaela Greg

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1767 Church St
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