The Weekend Guide

puppy cake!
Photos: Courtesy of Puppy Cake

It’s a dog’s life.

Cake for Canines
Give Fido a little something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving (or his next b-day) with a doggie dessert mix. For bonus points, get the bone-shaped cupcake pan.
Why: You’ve got a case of puppy love.
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Heidi Merrick Sale

What: The L.A. designer is discounting dresses, bathing suits, skirts, and blouses by 50-75 percent.
Why: It’s going, going, gone.
Where: Online at

The comprehensive online dictionary includes pronunciations, relevant quotes, etymologies, and recent appearances on Twitter and Flickr.
Why: Spread the words.
Where: Online at

LobotoMe Notepads
Handy checklists make for more efficient packing, grocery shopping, working out, meal planning, and more.
Why: You’d forget your head if it weren’t attached.
Where: Online at

Handmade Nation
What: Artist/first-time filmmaker Faythe Levine traveled across America to make this inspiring documentary about the recent rise of crafting and DIY.
Why: Get creative juices flowing.
Where: Online at

Full Circle Flavors

What: Three lovely sisters in Pennsylvania make chocolaty Amaretto, Limoncello, and Orangecello cakes.
Why: You’re well rounded.
Where: Online at

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Photo: Courtesy of Puppy Cake