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What's in a Nombe?

nombe restaurant!

You’ve been called some choice names after throwing a few back.

Certainly none as sophisticated as nombe, which refers to a person who enjoys the sauce.

That one’s reserved for the retro-inspired izakaya gastropub that opens this Friday in the Mission. From partner Mari Takahashi, sommelier Gil Payne, and chef Nicholas Balla, the casual restaurant celebrates Japanese small plates that should be nibbled while imbibing.

Shareable selections use locally sourced products, such as a chicken meatball with farm-fresh poached egg from Petaluma chickens, or a bitter greens salad with persimmons straight from Takahaski and Payne’s garden. Leaving no trend unturned, there’s also affordable street food served from a window on Mission Street on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don’t miss the extensive sake list (we’re talking 75 selections) that complements the menu.

Wouldn’t want anything wasted.

Nombe Restaurant, 2491 Mission Street, at 21st Street (415-681-7150 or nombesf.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Nombe Restaurant

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2491 Mission St
@ 21st St
San Francisco, CA 94110