Go Blank Yourself

blank verse!

Queen Victoria, your sweet Grandma Lilly, and Madonna (circa 1985) sit down for a perfectly proper dinner party.

The music: “Like a Virgin” (obv.).

The conversation topic: baubles, buttons, leather, and lace spun into BlankVerse’s one-of-a-kind jewelry collages by Santa Cruz-based designers Jane Farrar and Laamie Young.

The ecofriendly collection of hand-stitched, bead-encrusted glovelettes and cuffs references a hodgepodge of eras by repurposing antique objects into eye-catching adornments with a modern feel.

The designers work in Northern California’s flea and thrift circuit, and collect finds from friends and family — like a single white glove, solo earrings, and broken chains — to find the materials for their frivolously romantic pieces.

At once nostalgic and totally fresh, they’re sure to turn a few heads.

And guaranteed to raise pinkies.

Available at Eco Citizen, 1488 Vallejo Street, at Polk Street (415-614-0100 or ecocitizenonline.com); online at blankversejewelry.com.

Photo: Courtesy of BlankVerse

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Eco Citizen
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