All Dekked Out

dekkori shoe accessories!

What ends up around one’s ankles typically occurs in direct proportion to the excess of the previous night. (Level 1 = your pants, level 10 = an ankle monitor.)

But footwear adornments by Dekkori, whose online shop launches today, throw in a whole new set of variables.

Founder Stephanie Kim designs each stunner to temporarily transform any pair of shoes into a completely new style. Charisma and Caprice leg covers, in lambskin and suede, let pumps do double duty as slouchy knee-high or midrise boots. The Intrigue dresses up basics with a T-strap; the Mystique brings a woven accent in crisscrossing leather to an otherwise simple heel.

The just-released holiday collection has suede fringe, leather bangles, and satin wraps. So you’ll never look at a plain pair the same way again.

In sum, you’ve got multiples.

Available online at dekkori.com.

Photo: Trevor Brady / Courtesy of Dekkori