Women's Libs

dailycandy fill-in-the-blank!

What a ___ [adjective] day it’s been!

This morning, we stopped for coffee at ___ [Ritual/Blue Bottle/Four Barrel], where we bumped into ___ [celeb philanderer], who was about to make a break for ___ [exotic locale]. He’d lost ___ [dollar amount] in the Madoff scandal, was caught ___ [verb ending in -ing] Carrie Prejean, and had just punched ___ [Twilight cast member]!

Then, it was off to lunch at ___ [local street food vendor]. On the way, we passed ___ [dowdy Britain’s Got Talent sensation], who launched into ___ [favorite Glee number], to the delight of nearby children and ___ [hyperfertilized mother].

Later, as we walked by the Dolores Park tennis courts on our way to ___ [new thin-crust pizza joint], we heard Serena shout ___ [expletive], ___ [expletive], ___ [expletive]. She was playing ___ [Jersey Shore cast member], while Lady Gaga, dressed in ___ [scandalous article of clothing], and Taylor Swift cheered them on. ___ [well-dressed rapper] had no objections.

Exhausted, we headed home to slip into our ___ [color] Snuggies and mix some ___ [Don Draper-approved cocktail]: Cheers to 2009!

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere. Don’t miss our recipe gallery of New Year’s cocktails.

Photos: Courtesy of MTV / Courtesy of AMC / Courtesy of Summit Entertainment