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A Walk on the Wild Side

forage sf's urban edible walks!

Apartment. Muni. Cubicle. Gym. Repeat.

Safe to say that most days, paying attention to your surroundings is an afterthought.

ForageSF’s Wild Food Walks can open your eyes. Led by permaculture expert Fred Bove, the two-hour excursions discover where safe-to-eat grub is hiding out in local green spaces, like, say, wild mustard and radish greens in McLaren Park. (Right? Crazy.)

For foraging newbies, founder Iso Rabins is on hand with suggestions for preparing the just-picked fruit and veggies. The org also offers monthly community-supported boxes of seasonal, locally foraged foods (complete with recipes) and organizes underground farmers markets and suppers.

In case you really want to stir up your routine.

ForageSF (617-894-0597 or foragesf.com). The next Wild Food Walk is January 14, and the next underground farmers market is scheduled for January 28.

Photo: Clayirving / Flickr