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Livin' on the Veg

edgy veggie!

Zombies. Aliens. Chainsaw-wielding psychos. You can take ’em.

Sadly, slasher flicks ain’t got nothing on what’s hiding in your pantry.

Slay your dietary demons with a hands-on cooking class from Edgy Veggie chef Dana Friedrich. In her Extreme Kitchen Makeover, she’ll take a look-see at your fridge and cupboards, clear out any lurking villains, and take you shopping for healthier grub.

Friedrich — who cooks more than just vegetarian cuisine — can also teach you to make good-for-you snacks, navigate the farmers market (and cook with the bounty), or prep meals on a budget.

Customizable classes typically run a few hours and cost $50 to $75 per person. Go solo or with a small group of friends (think bridal or baby shower).

Either way, it’ll be a scream.

Edgy Veggie (415-748-1830 or edgyveggiechef.com).

Photo: Bear Eye An / Flickr