Hollywood Ending

set editions mercy cards!

Most days, you’re no Julia Roberts. And let’s face it: Your BF sure ain’t Hugh Grant.

Doesn’t mean you can’t look to Hollywood-style rom-com’s for Valentine’s Day inspiration.

You’ve Got Mail
Leave e-mail behind. Trade witty banter on letterpress, tongue-in-cheek note cards instead.

When Harry Met Sally
Vintage-inspired lingerie can help turn platonic friends into lovers.

sleepytime eye mask!Sleepless in Seattle
Get more postcoital zzz’s in a flirty printed eye mask.

Notting Hill
Skip the heart-shaped box and go for classic British chocolates instead.

365 reasons to have sex calendar!Pretty Woman
Vivian knew a trick or two; learn a few of your own with this sexy calendar.

Runaway Bride
Fear of commitment? It’s a nonissue with a gorgeous handcrafted ring (with a nontraditional chocolate diamond).

taylor stitch tattersall shirt!Working Girl
Send him to the office in a smart red-and-wine tattersall shirt.

How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
If ditching him is your plan, consult a love coach for much-needed guidance.

Roll credits.

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Photos: Courtesy of Set Editions; Courtesy of Sourdough; Courtesy of Chronicle Books; Courtesy of Taylor Stitch