Glean Me Up, Scotty

produce to the people!

If the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, chances are a lot of it goes uneaten.

What a waste.

Local org Produce to the People wants to change that. It organizes volunteers to harvest fruit from backyard trees and distribute it to food banks, pantries, and other programs to help feed the hungry.

There are two ways to get involved: Roll up your sleeves and help out with the gleaning, or if you’ve got a fruit-bearing tree, register with Produce to the People online. They’ll monitor your tree, pick the bounty when it’s ready, and let you keep as much as you’d like.

Another goal of the org? To create green jobs and environmental education for high school students.

Orange you glad we told you about it?

For more information or to sign up, go to producetothepeople.org.

Photo: Sharyn Morrow / Flickr