Down the Rabbit Hole


In the real story, an innocent Alice took funny mushrooms and hung with a psychotically happy feline.

For an equally trippy experience (sans Burton), check out the Mission’s Viracocha, a new vintage mecca that’s a wonderland all its own.

Owner Jon Siegel stocks serious finds (a 1964 Conn organ, tables made from Turkish doors), covetable gifts (antique cameras, Metaphor Organics soaps), and tongue-in-cheek delights (a Lionel Richie poster resting in a red bathtub). Decades-old Life magazines and books with titles like Correct English are sprinkled throughout.

Downstairs, there’s a stage and seating for events like CD release parties and poetry readings.

Which has us grinning from ear to ear.

Viracocha, 998 Valencia Street, at 21st Street (415-374-7048 or viracochasf.com).

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998 Valencia St
@ 21st St
San Francisco, CA 94110