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nomade exquis!

Q: When is hoarding not creepy?

A: When it involves money, Scott Baio memorabilia, or vintage jewelry from Nomade Exquis.

Curator Mo Clancy works with collectors and artists to unearth an ever-evolving collection of global treasures from three ’60s and ’70s movements (Modernism, Biomorphism, and Brutalism, thank you very much).

This season sees silver, raw stones, brass bib necklaces and cuffs, gold-tone pendants studded with pearls, and pieces from Clancy’s current obsession: Ernandes, a Brazilian Biomorphic artist.

As if that weren’t covetousness enough, Clancy is commissioning artists to create hand-painted and beaded silk liners for a fall collection of one-of-a-kind vintage fur coats.

Oh, happy days.

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Photo: Courtesy of Nomade Exquis