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food to flowers!

Martha Stewart might shame you for offering guests a bowl of chips and a chunk of cheese, but Lulu Powers says that’s all you need. Her new book, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers, shows you how to keep it stylishly simple with ideas for everything from a holiday brunch to a retro game night.

The charming caterer to the rich and famous (Bill Clinton, Madonna) was baking caramel-fudge brownies when we reached her at her home in L.A. She wrote the book to make throwing a party less intimidating and to share entertaining shortcuts (arrange supermarket herbs in simple juice glasses, order dumplings from your favorite Chinese restaurant) that will keep you from sticking your head in the punch bowl.

It’s chockful of recipes for things like mini blueberry pancakes, Tennessee caviar, petite spinach and Asiago cheese sandwiches, and those aforementioned brownies. And every single one is easy enough that even a kitchen klutz can impress.

Available online at amazon.com, $24. For more information and recipes, go to lulupowers.com.

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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon