Something Old, Something New

old hat estate sales!

You’ve no doubt noticed the current obsession with antiques, found objects, and taxidermy in restaurants and bars.

If you’re into “what’s old is new again,” consider Alex Healy of Old Hat Estate Sales your personal curator.

Healy turned a hobby of scouring local sales into a profession after falling in love with countless pieces along the way. She now meticulously researches each item and writes a detailed description, often interweaving the story of a onetime owner. Some unexpected treasures have already popped up, such as a 1908 gold coin at her inaugural event.

Picks from her upcoming sale (this weekend at Old Hat’s warehouse) include a sterling silver vanity set, an art deco desk, a cadre of pocket watches, Navajo blankets, and a lawyer’s cabinet from the early 1900s.

No matter how old the goods, they’re all new to you.

Available online at old-hat-estatesales.com. Sale, this Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., 250 Loomis Street, at Industrial Street.

Photo: Noah Sanders / Courtesy of Old Hat Estate Sales

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