Vintage Dresses, Band T-Shirts, and More in the Mission

Heavenly Finds at New Afterlife Boutique

afterlife boutique san fran!

Vintage shops fall into two camps: kitschy (She-Ra lunchbox) or high fashion (Chanel handbag), but rarely do those two meet.

Afterlife, the new Mission boutique, run by siblings Danielle and Luke Teller, happily unites both sides of the secondhand coin.

Thank her for the selection of covetable threads, including plaid shirts, reconstructed print dresses, cowboy boots, and promesque lace frocks. Already an established jewelry designer (Adoura Demode), Danielle’s launching a new sterling silver line at the shop (feather-light chandelier earrings, square rings).

Luke’s behind the collection of memorabilia tees, ranging from cheeky (a NKOTB concert tee) to iconic (“I Heart Atari”) to downright amazing (a red sweatshirt emblazoned with “Michael Jackson for Pres” in Thriller font).

As for the old-school Evel Knievel pinball machine? Well, that just screams awesome on its own.

Afterlife Boutique, 988 Valencia Street, between 21st and Liberty Streets (415-796-2398).

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988 Valencia St
bt 21st & Liberty Sts
San Francisco, CA 94110