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Thermidor Restaurant Brings Classic American Dishes to Mint Plaza

Go Retro with Sole Almondine, Celery Victor, and Mai Tais

thermidor restaurant brings back classic american dishes!

Your childhood seafood memories? Fried platters at Red Lobster. But for your parents’ generation, lobster Thermidor was where it was at.

And though it does serve an updated version of the rich, creamy classic dish it’s named for, Thermidor — open now on Mint Plaza — is not your parents’ restaurant.

For one, the decor is 1960s with a masculine edge (exposed concrete, mod white chairs, a paneled black-topped bar). In the kitchen, the team behind Spork is putting its own spin on old-school dishes like pommes dauphine (little potato puffs), celery Victor (blanched celery with white anchovy), and sole almondine (with a prosecco-spiked sauce, sweet white corn, and gnocchi).

With a heavy-hitting cocktail list (mai tais, Warsaw mules), this might even be the place to bring back the three-martini lunch. Or to get lit with Mom and Dad.

Thermidor, 8 Mint Plaza, at Jessie Street (415-896-6500).

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8 Mint Plaza
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