Get Revenge with a Custom Hate Pinata

Have the Mission's Able and Baker Studio Whip One Up

custom hate pinatas from able and baker!

You’ve unleashed postbreakup anger on Bi-Rite pints, AmEx, and a certain someone’s Gmail account (to the detriment of your hips, credit, and dignity).

Act out your frustration with a custom hate pinata from Able and Baker Studio instead (they were inspired by master printmaker Anne Olson’s own bad breakup).

Yes, using a photo, the Mission-based studio will make a papier-mache likeness of anything, and we mean anything (your boss/MUNI line/food allergy), that you’d love to smash. Starting around $60, prices vary based on how big and realistic you want the sculpture to be (Olson and her biz partner, Kerry Barber, will even glue on a wig at your request).

Just imagine the pleasure of taking the first swing — not to mention the cascade of candy that follows the catharsis. It’s a satisfyingly sweet revenge.

Available by phone order (415-374-1205) or e-mail info@ableandbakerstudio.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Able and Baker Studio

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