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Pair Ham and Oysters at Hog & Rocks Restaurant

Your New Spot for Shellfish and Swine in the Mission

hog & rocks restaurant!

Bacon was, understandably, the beginning of our pork obsession; it makes everything from ice cream and donuts to candy deliciouser.

So when we heard that new Mission restaurant Hog & Rocks, opening Sunday, would be pairing tasty swine with mouthwatering shellfish (in the form of ham and oysters), it seemed like a very logical eating step.

Diners can sample artisanal ham and bivalves from around the globe, with an Oyster Club in the works for frequent slurpers. The dim sum-style menu from chefs Scott Youkilis (of Maverick) and Ray England also includes crab and artichoke dip, fish pie with coho salmon and smoked trout, and corned beef tongue with crispy onions.

The vibe is straight-up laid-back: canned beer, chalkboard menus, specialty cocktails by the pitcher, and wide communal tables. Who knows what other happy pairings might emerge?

Hog & Rocks, 3431 19th Street, between Mission and Valencia Streets (415-550-8627 or hogandrocks.com).

Photo: Naseema Khan

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3431 19th St
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San Francisco, CA 94110