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The Boulevard Team Opens Prospect Restaurant Downtown

Try Seasonal Fare from Chef Ravi Kapur

prospect restaurant opens!

Sometimes, when supporting characters get a spin-off, it spells instant success (Laverne & Shirley). Other times? Not so much (Joey).

Ravi Kapur falls in the former category: After years as chef de cuisine at Boulevard, he’s getting his own show at the team’s new restaurant, Prospect, opening tomorrow in SoMa’s slick Infinity Tower.

Kapur’s fiercely seasonal Cali cuisine is approachable with sophisticated accents: green goddess salad with purple cauliflower, whole wheat crepes with ricotta and nettles, pork cheeks with confit fennel and kumquats. The chocolate brown booths seat six and encourage ordering off the section of shareable plates (deviled eggs, crispy pole beans).

Given its downtown location, it’s fitting that a giant (read: happy hour-friendly) square bar greets patrons. Artisan cocktails like the Classy Lassy and Roxanna (created by former Range bar manager Brooke Arthur) are sure to make your prime-time lineup.

Prospect, 300 Spear Street, at Folsom Street (415-247-7770 or prospectsf.com).

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Photo: Todd Parsons / Courtesy of Prospect

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